Glowdom developers from different regions across Namibia started a workshop in the morning where Sebulon introduced the participants to the Ahaa co-operation model and to the concept of using software development skills wisely focusing on solving the customers’ problems and achieving the goals with the best and simplest process management tool available.

Klaus explained the architecture and the philosophy behind the Peppi software ecosystem. We also had a quick tour of the core functions of the system and its role-based desktops.

After lunch, various EdTech enthusiasts comprised of teachers and principals from different schools around Windhoek looked at a digital service builder and shared their sense of urgency views to integrate digital tools in education to resolve critical challenges related to the scarcity of data for planning, development, and implementation. Both groups have strongly agreed that the power of greatness is when educators and software developers join forces to digitalize core education processes in Namibia.

UTU Future Tech lab is an abroad campus of Turku University. It is located at the University of Namibia (UNAM) in Windhoek. Many thanks to UTU for providing the facility for advancement of education in software engineering. Stay tuned.

Mr. Sebulon David, CEO, Glowdom
Mr. Klaus Nylamo, Senior Partner, Eduix Ltd