Workshop and meeting with teachers at UTU Future Tech Lab

Glowdom developers from different regions across Namibia started a workshop in the morning where Sebulon introduced the participants to the Ahaa co-operation model and to the concept of using software development skills wisely focusing on solving the customers’ problems and achieving the goals with the best and simplest process management tool available.

Klaus explained the architecture and the philosophy behind the Peppi software ecosystem. We also had a quick tour of the core functions of the system and its role-based desktops.

After lunch, various EdTech enthusiasts comprised of teachers and principals from different schools around Windhoek looked at a digital service builder and shared their sense of urgency views to integrate digital tools in education to resolve critical challenges related to the scarcity of data for planning, development, and implementation. Both groups have strongly agreed that the power of greatness is when educators and software developers join forces to digitalize core education processes in Namibia.

UTU Future Tech lab is an abroad campus of Turku University. It is located at the University of Namibia (UNAM) in Windhoek. Many thanks to UTU for providing the facility for advancement of education in software engineering. Stay tuned.

Mr. Sebulon David, CEO, Glowdom
Mr. Klaus Nylamo, Senior Partner, Eduix Ltd

Glowdom and Eduix joint presentation

Sebulon and Klaus shared the stage today at the embassy of Finland’s education event in Windhoek. The purpose of the presentation was to present Glowdom and Eduix’s successful cooperation short and long-term goals, the progress made so far and steps taken in order to build a working model of Namibia-Finland cooperation to an audience comprised of local and international players from public and private educational organizations.

The two companies shared their cooperation philosophy which is primarily based on a Yin Yang concept in business where two forces complement each other to create win-win business benefits through a relationship based on trust and solid core values. Sebulon and Klaus explained how their memorandum of understanding is highly driven by the purpose of developing a society with software as well as creating real and tangible outcomes.

Over 412 teachers with a potential of impacting 12,000 learners in 10 out of 14 regions across Namibia have already interacted with the Eduix digital service environment and through case-by-case, local software developers and school principals are capacitated through knowledge transfer workshops on how to design and implement customized digital services for Namibian schools.

In the coming days, the work continues in the workshops where Glowdom and Eduix will evaluate the platforms and tools already installed. The goal is to – by migrating some chosen real-life manual processes in the digital environment – recognize suitable models to use as we proceed to help actual customers to overcome their digitalization challenges. Stay tuned.

Mr. Sebulon David, CEO, Glowdom
Mr. Klaus Nylamo, Senior Partner, Eduix Ltd

Sebulon David of Glowdom commenting on software economy in Namibia

Today Sebulon shared a commentary at the workshop organised by University of Turku Campus in Namibia and UNAM on the importance of imagination and leadership in software development efforts. Namibia needs to transform from software-consuming to a software producing economy. This requires a change of paradigm as well as practical tools, projects and work opportunities. There are lots of problems to solve in Namibia, which provides an ideal environment for nurturing software development as a profession for the future.

The art of programming is something that can only be refined further by doing more of it, with a learning curve. Solving real and tangible problems with software development can give real returns in personal self-satisfaction and self-esteem. We need to throw away our prejudices and start creating completely new African software innovations on top of existing content and data management platforms.

Glowdom and Eduix: Leveraging the digital ecosystem for Education in Namibia

Glowdom and Eduix have joined forces to provide a national-grade education digitalisation ecosystem for Namibia. Eduix has decades of experience in the education sector as well as a modern and modular platform which shortens the time it takes from development to delivery. Glowdom has in-depth knowledge about the pitfalls, caveats and possibilities in the market and a hands-on experience on delivering local solutions. 

We have now a year of discussions and preparations behind us and all the pieces are coming together. We currently provide:

  • The Peppi education process digitalisation platform
  • Scalable and secure server facilities
  • Modern software development and delivery facilities
  • On-site and off-site training of the system administration
  • On-site and off-site training of systems development, together with the programming schools initiatives

Our goal is to completely and rapidly change the way how school and student management and related services are done in Namibia. We pave the way for modern and simple to use digital platforms as genuine tools for self-leadership, where each stakeholder can enjoy up to date and highly accessible information and base their decisions on the facts they draw from that information.

Eduix is the leading software platform developer in Finland within the realm of education. Our digital contributions solve day-to-day problems and challenges and no challenge is neither too big nor too small for us to tackle.

Knowledge transfer is the essential scalability element in any context, but especially so in remote cooperation. Eduix has a full training programme to empower the current and future developers in Namibia and to take their skills to a whole new level.

We named our ecosystem in Namibia as Ahaa since it was those aha! moments that were a defining factor in our discussions. Heureka! would perhaps have been a bit of an overkill at this stage. In Finnish, Aha is written with two consecutive vowels, hence ahaa. We trust that you as a stakeholder will have the same kind of aha moments in the future. Stay tuned.

Best wishes,

  • Sebulon David, CEO and Founder, Glowdom
  • Rami Heinisuo, CEO and Founder, Eduix