Since the beginning of our partnership, Glowdom and Eduix are committed to leveraging the school system in Namibia by digitizing education processes. We want to create a school culture that facilitates managers’ tasks, empowers teachers and supports students in reaching their full potential. Such aims are even more crucial in critical times such as we are facing now. Therefore, during the Covid-19 pandemic, we want to help teachers, students, and parents while they are still working remotely amid school closure. 

Remote teaching demands different pedagogical resources and activities from in-classroom routines. Many teachers are learning from “trial and error” how to use digital tools for teaching. Others are already experts in using ICT. All, in both cases, are becoming pioneers in remote teaching now. 

Using familiar tools, such as laptops and phones, social media and meeting applications that the schools have already used previously, are the first steps towards remote teaching. The most important, however, is that teachers don’t start from scratch to plan and organize their remote teaching just because they are not in the classroom with their students anymore. Such a situation would be a complete waste of energy and time for everyone.

There are plenty of reliable educational resources out there that can support remote teaching. The teachers know their students best and their learning process. With this knowledge, teachers are the most capable to select the appropriate online resources to effectively reach students’ educational needs. In order to supplement teachers’ resources for remote teaching, Eduix in partnership with Glowdom launched the website to support distance learning. 

We provide for teachers all around the world access to our Formjack electronic platform for free during this pandemic.

In terms of distance learning, our goal is to help teachers develop, share, and evaluate tasks. Teachers can send assignments to groups of students and their parents by sharing a single link. Specific sharing groups also facilitate personalized teaching. All responses obtained are stored in a single location, which facilitates task evaluation. The data is stored safely and can be exported to various file formats, such as Excel.

In case your organization already has a virtual platform that your teachers are using, it can still be beneficial to check the website to find new ideas and use the tools as part of your teaching resources.

Additionally, if you are interested in learning more about the Formjack platform and our other products in educational management, visit our website You can also contact us by email to discuss how your institution can benefit from our products.

We wish you a smooth passage through the pandemic and all the success for your remote teaching.